What Are Nail Tattoos And Are They Safe?

The first question most people have when they learn about nail tattooing is whether nail tattoos are permanent. The answer is a little complicated. Tattooing on the nail is technically permanent, meaning the image won’t fade away or wipe off of the fingernail over time. However, it will grow out and eventually be cut or — let’s be real — chewed off to reveal a brand-new blank canvas beneath. This regrowth process can take up to six months, according to Healthline, depending on how fast your nails tend to grow.

One of the main perks of getting tattoos on your nails is that, unlike traditional tattooing of the skin, they aren’t painful. When properly applied, nail tattoos do not penetrate below the nail and into the skin. This is why they grow out with the nail and why they don’t cause pain during application. One important note when choosing your nail tattoos is to select simple, minimal images (via Inside Out). Since tattooing a nail is more like etching a hard surface, intricate designs with multi-curved lines can be difficult to create without imperfections.

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